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Could you help Ariel

Ariel, our scruffy female terrier, arrived to our rescue in October of 2018. We were alerted of her situation via my cousin who is always helping animal rescues. She was found as a dragging her back end in LA (they are guessing she was hit by a car) and the rest of the litter was found nearby. Transported to CT they took great care to get her evaluated and try to get her into a stable environment so she could begin to heal but a foster home was not to be found so she ended up here. She has fit in well, being so young she has tons of energy so we try our best to keep her occupied. She is currently getting all modalities of treatment and her spine has healed in a miraculous way giving that she was never in a brace. Despite our efforts so far she has not stood on her own for longer than a few seconds but we continue to work on her core to get it strong enough to support her weight. Chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, laser therapy and weekly PT along with a high quality diet and supplements have caused a constant flow out of cash for our special girl. We appreciate any and all donations made to keeping us working toward her ability to walk on her own.

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